our story

Faith Community Church was founded in July, 1972.  Several years later, Crusaders Churches of America was created with several churches in Illinois and Missouri.  The name Crusaders was chosen to indicate our goal which is to take up the Cross (a crusader is a cross carrier) and follow after Jesus Christ.  Our founding Pastor was Eugene O. Jack Jones.  In 2007, at the age of 75, he was promoted to heaven. He left behind a legacy for Christ that lives on today.  His prayer was that the church would continue to teach and share the love of Jesus Christ and that many would be blessed by the ministry of Faith Church and Crusaders Churches of America.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share God's infallible Word, lead the lost to faith in Jesus Christ, teach and live the Biblical truth that we can be victorious over sin, take part in the propagation of the gospel around the world, and assist and encourage all who are in need.

All the Bible, without compromise,  
for all the people, without prejudice

- Founding pastor e.o.jones

PASTORS who care

Pastor Marsh Jones has a heart for people, especially for those  who are need and for those who are seeking to find spiritual guidance in our communities and around the world.  He holds a Ph.D., teaches in our seminary and helps develop curriculum and assist families at Kingswood School. He would love to help you in any way he can!  

Associate Pastor Ethan Durst works in our educational ministry, helps guide the Loaves and Fishes ministry, offers assistance to people in need and helps, along with his brother Jared, keep our bus ministry running smoothly. He teaches in our Sunday School, delivers messages on a regular basis and teaches mathematics at Kingswood.

NEED Prayer?

Even in this time when we can't pray together physically, we want to hear your prayer requests. To submit a request click the link below.