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Kingswood School

Kingswood School was founded in 1993 and is designed to provide students with personalized academic training and Christ-centered education. We teach a wide range of grades from Pre-K to 12. Our staff consists of teachers with a Ph.D., and four Masters degrees. Click below for more infromation.

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Christ Theological Seminary

Christ Theological Seminary is open to all people called to preach. We heed Jesus' command to "Go ye therefore and teach all nations..."  and train our  Pastors and Evangelist to so. CTS is a hands on school that will immediately put you into a local church preaching and teaching while you are in school. This is a platform to launch the ministry God has called you to.

Camillia Jones Library

The Camilla Jones Library is named in honor of our founding Pastor's wife. She taught for many years in the school system in Urbana Public School and Kingswood School. One of the things she instilled in her students was a love for reading. When we open our library we thought it would be fitting to name it after Mrs. Jones who taught for many years and to many students, a love for reading.